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Ecolodges China, Green Hotels and Eco Resort in China

Ecolodges China

Best Eco Lodges in China
Below you’ll find the best China eco lodges and China eco resorts.

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Eco Lodge

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat overlooks the pristine Yulong River and surrounding karst limestone towers in the heart of the Yangshuo countryside. This Ecolodge offers an authentic
China country experience through the rustic atmosphere and the local staff they employ. 

Combined with the breath taking scenery and tranquil setting, this ecolodge is ideally suited for families wanting a break from city life. There are numerous activities onsite: kayaking on the Li River, bamboo raft ride, biking, hiking up moon hill, visit and immerse yourself in the neighboring villages and local culture.

We love:

the magical and dramatic scenery from the hike named the Lost World; learning about the eight local minorities in Yangshuo and Guangxi ; spending one afternoon or more being a volunteer and teach english at a local school.


Eco Friendly Highlights:

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Eco Lodge has drilled their own well and set up a water tank to reduce the impact on the water resources in the area.The gray water is contained in an open septic field and is covered with water lilies and inhabited by snails and frogs. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Eco Lodge has been supplementing the water boiler’s coal briquettes with agriwaste (sawdust/shredded newspaper/straw) in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. The briquettes are made from a home made screwpress. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Eco Lodge also installed passive solar panels to produce hot water.

All of their staff is from neighboring villages except from the development coach and marketing consultant. They offer a retirement and health care fund to cover any medical expenses not covered by staff health insurance. As an incentive, Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Eco Lodge has taken their whole staff to Hainan Island, Lijiang Ancient Town in Yunnan Province and Chiang Mai in Thailand. This was the first time that most of the team have ever left Yangshuo China. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Eco Lodge believe that by exposing them to best practices in hospitality, promotion of local culture and sustainable tourism will inspire them to greater ownership in improving services and practices at the Retreat.

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Eco Lodge sell locally made products in their charity shop that include hand woven slippers, food and handicrafts. They also encourage our staff to sell their village produce through the shop. These include honey, chili paste and soap. You can also explore local villages and towns introducing you to the local culture.

Double room from $30 per night


Yangshuo Village inn and Farmouse

Located in the heart of Moon Hill village in beautiful Yangshuo China, this charming eco family-run hotel offers stunning views from eight beautifully decorated rooms and an unforgettable rooftop dining experience. This eco boutique hotel is an excellent alternative to staying in Yangshuo town. With shady pomelo groves, mud brick houses and sub-tropical forest surrounding the guesthouse, this is the perfect getaway. The Yangshuo Farmhouse opened October 1, 2009 and is a traditional mud brick farmhouse that has been rescued from demolition and completely renovated for western comforts, while preserving its architectural integrity and authentic design. The Farmhouse is located directly behind the Yangshuo Village Inn, sharing the outstanding kitchen facilities and guest services. The Farmhouse has 5 guestrooms, all with private bath and is the perfect accommodation for 2-3 families or a group of friends. The Yangshuo Farmhouse is the authentic China village experience. 

We love:

Enjoying a freshly brewed cup of fine tea in the inn ‘s own pomelo grove and garden; taking a Tai Qi lesson; floating over paddy fields, watching farmers plough their fields with water buffalo during a hot balloon ride!

Eco Friendly Highlights:

Solar hot water; All guestroom furniture is handmade from locally sustainable bamboo. This eco hotel grows their own vegetables and herbs for the restaurant (Luna) in the organic back garden located behind the Farmhouse. No plastic bottles are used; all guestrooms are supplied with aluminum drinking water flasks and hot water flasks.No disposable products of any kind in use at the hotel. Even the shampoo and bath gel bottles are refillable ceramics.They use non-toxic cleaning agents throughout the hotel. All staff are from surrounding villages and 5% of profits go toward local educational initiatives. The Farmhouse follows all of the above policies/construction except they use locally made brick fascia in the floors to accommodate radiant heating which is also heated by solar and electric backup.

Double room from $45 per night