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Below you’ll find the best Costa Rica eco lodges and Costa Rica eco resorts. 


La Cusinga Rainforest & Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

This rainforest eco lodge, tucked away in a private reserve of over 600 acres  in Uvita and next to the Ballena Marine National Park, provides eco friendly travellers with sweeping ocean views, sandy beaches, natural pools, and the opportunity to experience the rainforest and astonishing wildlife of the country’s most famous ecosystem – OSA. This eco hotel of over 15 years includes ten rustic cabins designed with sustainably-harvested wood and local materials to maximize comfort and minimize impact on the environment.

We Love:

Bird watching in the morning and listening to the sound of howlers monkeys…walking on the private beach and relax in the hanging hammocks surrounded by an amazing and blooming wildlife!

Eco Friendly Highlights:

La Cusinga Eco Lodge took root in southern Costa Rica in 1972 when owner John Tresemer bought a parcel of land to prevent the devastating effects that slash-and-burn agriculture was having on the area’s pristine primary forests and its incredibly complicated and integrated systems.  Since the lodge opened 15 years ago, this family business has developed into a truly sustainable business model, achieving financial viability as stewards of the forest and proud participants in the community’s healthy economic expansion.

La Cusinga Eco Lodge has designed the lodge’s structures with wood sustainably harvested from their property, they use organic composting and have an organic garden. The eco lodge harvest the sun’s energy for hot water and electricity.  Additionally, the eco lodge joins together employees, visitors, and guests in activities ranging from monthly beach clean-ups and supporting local recycling efforts to carbon offsetting through reforestation.  This eco lodge is also proud to have collaborated with the national government in the consolidation of its marine conservation policy, accompanying the country’s leaders during the formation of the Cano Island Biological Reserve, Ballena Marine National Park, and the world famous Cocos Island.

La Cusinga  eco lodge has some special water tanks designed for gray and black water treatment  in order to reduce  the environmental impact. They also have a rain water channeling plan where they constantly monitor river flows to help with the water conservation campaign.

From $149 per night double room with breakfast and tax included.



Best Eco Lodges in Costa Rica

El Remanso Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

This eco lodge is located on Costa Rica’s southwest Pacific side of the Osa Peninsula, one of the world’s most pristine and biodiverse rainforests. El Remanso offers different activities such as waterfall rappelling, zip line, guided hikes, bird watching. It is the ideal place for those seeking to enjoy the secrets and pleasures of a rainforest experience. The small scale of the lodge (a total of 6 cabins and 6 rooms) with an overall capacity of 30 people ensures tranquility and privacy during your stay. 

We love:

Their 100% Hydro energy powered lodge and very strong environmental commitment. Relax on the terrace of the cabin while watching monkeys pass by on the nearby trees!

Eco Friendly Highlights:

El Remanso has been a pioneer in sustainable practices since its creation, as an example all electricity of the lodge is provided exclusively by their own hydroelectric plants. All staff hired at the lodge is local. Building materials are local and energy efficient, for instance they have used naturally fallen timber in most of the structures. The restaurant and bar structure are entirely built with locally grown bamboo. They do not use glass windows as they represent a threat to birds. The guests and staff are reminded to use water responsibly; 2 springs are used in the reserve. All cleaning products such as soaps and detergents as well as shampoo and soaps for the guests are certified biodegradable. They recycle and run a compost of all organic waste. Wastewater is collected in septic tanks and then filtered into leach-fields. The lodge does not use any kind of pesticides, herbicides and dangerous chemicals.


Cabins from $290 per night
In 2009, El remanso eco lodge received our Gold Award.  

El remanso has installed a more efficient hydroelectric generator to be able to assure a complete independence from generators in the future. Since its beginning the lodge has relied 100% on renewable energies.

In 2009, El Remanso started supporting the local Wildcat Research Project, lead by 2 local biologists who center their work around 2 things: monitoring the wildcats with camera traps and building a strong relationship with the rest off the local community to convince them of the negative effects of poaching not only on the environment and wildlife but also in the long term on the economic situation of the Osa Peninsula (most of the people here depend on the jobs created by tourism).